Campground MBA Online Staff Training

Campground MBA’s online staff training provides your staff with the best training possible. Developed by experts in campground management, the online training program has specific training for Front Desk, Reservations, Managers, and all your staff. Each of the over 30 video lessons is followed by a short comprehension quiz to ensure your staff has mastered the content.

Lessons by Campground Experts

These lessons aren’t just some generic training videos. Each lesson is specifically written for campground employees and the specific issues they will face. Every lesson was created by Blake Ashdown, who has been a successful campground owner, having developed, owned and/or operated 10 different RV Resorts and Campgrounds over the last 30 years.

Courses & Quizzes

Our hospitality training program has been designed for your entire staff, with more specific courses for Front Desk, Reservations, and Managers. These courses identify the specific issues your staff will face in their various roles and equips them with the knowledge they need to succeed.

Gradebook & Accountability

As your employees go through their training, they will take quizzes to ensure their comprehension of the material. If an employee misses too many questions, they will have to retake the lesson until they have mastered the content. With the gradebook, managers can track their employees training results and see how far along each staff member has progressed.

Tips for Success

If you want your employees to take hospitality training seriously, you must take it seriously too. The quizzes and the gradebook will make your staff accountable for mastering the material. To make sure your staff are fully engaged in the program, we recommmend that you attached an incentive for successfully completing the course. And remember, repetition is the mother of all learning, so make sure your entire staff go through the training program at least once a year, if not twice!

Hospitality 100 - The Campground Business

Lessons in this series:

  • Hospitality 101 – Our Business
  • Hospitality 102 – Our Customers
  • Hospitality 103 – Our Product
  • Hospitality 104 – Our Goal

This series is designed to help staff understand our business and why we do the things we do. This series helps staff understand the “big picture” and how they play a major role in your park’s success. Studies show that when staff have greater purpose and vision for their roles, they are more engaged and perform at higher levels.

Hospitality 200 Series - Today's Customer

Lessons in this series:

  • Hospitality 201 – How Customers Think
  • Hospitality 202 – The Customer is in Control
  • Hospitality 203 – The Customer Care Plan

This course equips staff with a deeper understanding of who our customers are and what they really want when they come to our
Park. Understanding our customers allows our staff to relationally connect and empathize with them. As a result they better serve
our customers and help them get what they want.

Hospitality 300 Series - The Guest Experience Professional

Lessons in this series:

  • Hospitality 301 – Who do you serve?
  • Hospitality 302 – Service vs. Hospitality
  • Hospitality 303 – The Platinum Rule
  • Hospitality 304 – Value Deposits vs. Value Withdrawals
  • Hospitality 305 – Interactions, Transactions, Interrogations
  • Hospitality 306 – A-Time, B-Time, C-Time
  • Hospitality 307 – The 10′ Rule
  • Hospitality 308 – Mistakes Happen

This course is designed for all staff to help them understand the different ways they will interact with customers and how the manner in which they interact effects the customer’s perception of our park. They will learn the most effective ways to interact with customers that will create the experiences customers expect from a hospitality business.
*The 100, 200, and 300 Series are for ALL STAFF

Front Desk 400 Series - Introduction to Front Desk

Lessons in this series:

  • Front Desk 401 – Importance of the Meet & Greet
  • Front Desk 402 – 5-Steps to a Meet & Greet
  • Front Desk 403 – What Guests Expect from the Front Desk
  • Front Desk 404 – What Customers Hate When Checking In
  • Front Desk 405 – Service Recovery Model
  • Front Desk 406 – Dealing with Difficult Guests
  • Front Desk 407 – Handling IRATE Customers

This course is specific to Front Desk staff members. As the “heart beat” of every RV Park, front desk staff need to be highly trained to deliver a hospitality experience to our customers. This course will cover what customers expect from front desk, the most effective way to deliver a meet & greet, how to handle customer problems, and how to deal with difficult and irate guests. At the end of this course, each staff member will have a firm understanding of the different methods for serving our guests and creating a hospitality experience.

Reservations 420 Series - Introduction to Reservations

Lessons in this series:

  • Reservations 421 – The Lifeline of our Business
  • Reservations 422 – How Customers Make Decisions
  • Reservations 423 – 7 Things Every Caller Wants
  • Reservations 424 – Converting Inquiries Into Reservations
  • Reservations 425 – Goal and Mission of Reservations
  • Reservations 426 – The Call (script)

The lifeline of every RV Park is Reservations. More revenue leakage happens here than all other areas combined. This course is designed to equip your reservations staff with the tools and training they need to covert inquiries into reservations. Your reservation staff will learn proven techniques and effactive ways to engage customers over the phone to maximize conversion rates.


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